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Truck & Heavy Equipment Mechanic 310T - Full Time / À Temps Plein

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Organization Overview:

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O. Bettschen Construction

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Industry Sector: General Labour/Trades / Manœuvres et gens de métiers

Organization Description:

O. Bettschen Construction Ltd. was founded in 1967. Everyone has always referred to it as the ‘family business.’ In the beginning, our company started off with only a single dump truck. However, from these humble beginnings, O. Bettschen Construction Ltd. has grown to become the success it is today. We were incorporated in 1980, and our third generation of the family began to be involved in the business in 2006. Even now we continue to be a part of the continued growth of Kingston and the surrounding areas. With an owner with 45+ years of experience and a management staff with over 30 years, our fully licensed and insured family business can provide quality work, time tested for excellence

Job Listing #612

Truck & Heavy Equipment Mechanic 310T • Full Time / À Temps Plein

Date Posted: 13 Feb 2018

Application Deadline: 30 Apr 2018

Location: Kingston and Surrounding Area

Category: General Labour/Trades / Manœuvres et gens de métiers

Hours Per Week: 50

Pay Rate: Hourly Wage / Rémunération Horaire negotiable

Language Requirements: English / Anglais

Job Description:

Truck & Heavy Equipment Mechanic Occupation Tasks

Inspect brake systems, steering mechanisms, wheel bearings, and other important parts to ensure that they are in proper operating condition. Perform routine maintenance such as changing oil, checking batteries, and lubricating equipment and machinery. Test drive trucks to diagnose malfunctions or to ensure that they are working properly. Inspect, repair, and maintain automotive and mechanical equipment and machinery such as heavy equipment Repair and adjust seats, doors, and windows, and install and repair accessories.

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O. Bettschen Construction (613-386-3210)

4611 Hwy #2 Kingston


Occupational Requirements

Inspecting Equipment, Structures, or Material - Inspecting equipment, structures, or materials to identify the cause of errors or other problems or defects. Repairing and Maintaining Mechanical Equipment - Servicing, repairing, adjusting, and testing machines, devices, moving parts, and equipment that operate primarily on the basis of mechanical (not electronic) principles. Operating Vehicles, Mechanized Devices, or Equipment - Running, maneuvering, navigating, or driving vehicles or mechanized equipment, such as dump trucks, heavy equipment and pick-up trucks

Related Work Experience - Over 5 years in truck and heavy equipment Required Level of Education - 310T truck and coach

Additional Requirements:

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