Refugee Resettlement Volunteer Application

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Community members can help newcomer families who came to Canada as government-assisted refugees to get settled in Kingston. We are looking for eager and committed volunteers as members and leaders of family teams. We are also looking for volunteers with particular language skills to assist with providing informal language interpretation.

Volunteer roles:

1. Family Team Member

  • A volunteer Family Team Member works together with a team of volunteers (2-3 per family at minimum) to provide social support and friendship to a newcomer family that have come to Canada as government-assisted refugees
  • Typical activities will include: providing conversational English support, introducing the family to fun and affordable things to do in the community, including activities for children and youth, helping the family learn the Kingston Transit system, helping the family learn where to shop, along with other social and informal activities as relevant.
  • Suitable Family Team Members are:
    • able to commit to spending time the newcomer family, up to 8 hours per month, approximately 2 hours per week
    • available to be active on the Family Team for 6-12 months
    • able to secure Vulnerable Sector Check clearance from their local police station?
    • open to working collaboratively with people from diverse backgrounds, including newcomer families from other countries and volunteers with different perspectives and experience
    • committed to anti-racism and promoting welcoming inclusive and diverse communities
    • committed to building the self-sufficiency and autonomy of newcomer families
    • willing to attend a volunteer orientation session (2 hours) plus additional training sessions on relevant topics

2. Family Team Leader

  • The Team Leader is a volunteer on the Family Team who takes on an additional leadership role to help initiate and coordinate the activities of the team
  • Typical activities of the Team Leader will include: recruiting additional volunteer team members to join their team as / when needed, ?regularly communicating with team members to share information and arrange activities with the family, organizing regular monthly meetings with the volunteers to discuss progress and new ideas for helping the family, keeping up momentum and motivation with the team members, acting as the main liaison between the volunteer family team and the RRSK staff member, and other activities as needed
  • In addition to the qualities above for all team members, suitable Family Team Leaders are:
    • asked for a 1:1 discussion with RRSK staff to discuss the role and their suitability
    • available an additional 1-2 hours per week for coordination activities
    • organized with strong communication skills, time management skills, and the ability to motivate others in a friendly and firm way
    • "tech-savvy" and able to use multiple forms of electronic communication including emails, Google Calendar, WhatsApp and other social media applications

3. Informal / Volunteer Interpreter

  • As a member of a Family Team, or working with multiple families, Volunteer Interpreters provide informal language interpretation for newcomer families
  • Languages we are currently recruiting for include: Arabic, Kirundi, Tigrinya, Swahili, Kurdish. Other languages may become relevant as families from different regions arrive in Kingston
  • Typical activities of the Volunteer Interpreter include: helping with communication between volunteers and family members on Family Teams, being available to help the newcomer family members with interpretation for informal meetings or social events in the community (note: volunteer interpreters are not asked to provide interpretation in medical, legal or financial situations).
  • In addition to the qualities listed above for all volunteer team members, suitable Volunteer Interpreters are:
    • comfortable in English and fluent in one of the relevant languages listed above
    • available on an 'as needed' basis to help with interpretation over the phone or in person

Refugee Resettlement Volunteer Application

Volunteering with refugee families in our community is a special and rewarding opportunity! Please complete the form below and we will contact you with next steps.

In-person Orientation sessions are currently suspended and replaced by virtual orientation sessions. The timings of the virtual remote Orientation sessions will be emailed to you upon receiving your online application.

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with KEYS to support refugee families in our community!

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