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Support Services Manager - Full Time / À Temps Plein

Organization Overview:

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Kingston Harbour Light

Industry Sector: Social Services/Education / Services sociaux/ Éducation

Organization Description:

Kingston Harbour Light’s Residential Addiction Treatment, Correctional Services Canada Community Residential Facility, and French Language Services in accordance with Government contractual agreements and Salvation Army standards.

Kingston Harbour Light is a 21 bed residential facility for men, located in downtown Kingston, providing French Language services, treatment services and Correctional Services with Correctional Services Canada.

Job Listing #5774

Support Services Manager • Full Time / À Temps Plein

Date Posted: 30 Jun 2020

Application Deadline: 24 Jul 2020

Location: Kingston and Surrounding Area

Category: Social Services/Education / Services sociaux/ Éducation

Hours Per Week: 40

Pay Rate: Hourly Wage / Rémunération Horaire Hourly Wage / Rémunération Horaire TBD

Language Requirements: English / Anglais

Job Description:

  • Participates as a member of the Kingston Harbour Light Management Team, ensuring the maintenance of the facility, equipment, dietary services and health and safety resources of Kingston Harbour Light in compliance with legal, funder and Salvation Army Accreditation standards.
  • Supports the Executive Director and the Support Services Director as requested to initiate, maintain and promote positive working relationships/partnerships and communications with community stakeholders; deal with contracts, new proposals;
  • Provides leadership and supervision to Maintenance and Janitorial, and Dietary staff, and Management leadership to the Health and Safety Committee to ensure safe and efficient operation of the Kingston facility and program
  • Exercises exceptional stewardship of ministry unit resources and obtains appropriate approvals when sourcing, contracting and purchasing goods and services
  • Analyzes statistical and financial reports related to Maintenance, Dietary, Preventative Maintenance and Repairs, Utility usage, Health and Safety, Fire Safety for the purpose of budgetary planning and reports to the Executive Director monthly.
  • Provides information needed to plan the budget for Support Services to the Finance Director and ensures compliance with the approved budget
  • Hires, orientates, trains, evaluates, rewards, disciplines and terminates in consultation with the Executive Director, Director of ER and/or designate, ensuring staff compliance with the Salvation Army and Toronto Harbour Light Ministries Policies and Procedures;
  • Completes scheduling for RCW, Custodian, and Cook ensuring that all shifts are covered; oversees accurate recording of sick time, leave of absence, etc;
  • Reviews and approves vacation requests, ensuring shift coverage.
  • Keeps record of staff training; notifies staff when renewals are needed.
  • Is responsible for ensuring client and staff safety in compliance with Health and Safety and Fire Safety standards. Prepares, analyzes, submits and acts on incident reports; deals with complaints effectively and in a timely manner. Supervises and documents fire drills according to policy
  • Handles and ensures the protection of confidential employee files as applicable.
  • Maintains accurate and up to date files and reports including, but not limited to, retaining any external contracts pertaining to maintenance, repair, utilities, water quality, food services and health and safety, as well as files and records required to document all work conducted on site by staff with regard to preventive maintenance, grounds keeping, repairs, vehicle maintenance, water testing, food safety, health and safety and fire safety compliance and client work therapy.


  • In cooperation with the Treatment Program Coordinator, develops and documents the Work Therapy activities for clients. Supervises and ensures the safety of clients participating in work therapy activities including training of clients, provision of protective equipment, and supervision of chemical use.
  • Monitoring of environmental services quality delivery with focus on building maintenance, condition and cleanliness.
  • Hold regular meetings with the Support Services team to address concerns or issues, documenting discussions and decisions.
  • Gives input to new policies and procedures pertaining to Maintenance, janitorial, dietary, health and safety, fire safety and ensures that any concerns or complaints are expeditiously addressed.
  • Maintains maintenance logs, coordinates scheduled maintenance procedures; ensures maintenance guidelines are in compliance with warranties and contracts
  • Plans, directs and may implement preventative maintenance procedures for related equipment, recommends and performs minor and some moderate repairs
  • Consults with the Toronto Harbour Light Support Services Director on short and long term maintenance plans
  • Consults with the Toronto Harbour Light Property Manager about capital repairs or renovations
  • Ensures the facility & grounds of Kingston Harbour Light are maintained at accreditation standards, and in a safe and attractive condition.
  • Supervises moderate troubleshooting of building systems and calls in other professionals when required
  • Participates in developing specifications for tenders on major repairs or renovations; Monitors quality of workmanship of outside contractors and/or maintenance personnel
  • Ensures supplies are received, stored, and redistributed to the appropriate departments
  • Prepares data for operational reports as requested; develops quality assurance standards, outcomes and measurements.
  • Ensure the Policies and Procedures manual for the Facility Department is up to date and revised as necessary.
  • Ensures employee compliance with the Salvation Army and Harbour Light Ministries Policies and Procedures by consultation with the Harbour Light Ministries Director of Employee Relations.
  • Oversees work schedules of housekeeping and maintenance staff
  • Coordinate duties of maintenance and dietary staff
  • Insure all maintenance, housekeeping and food service documentation is maintained according to regulatory and Salvation Army accreditation standards.
  • Supervising the inventor and manage the procurement of supplies, chemicals, furnishings, linens and other items for residential programs within budget and policy parameters
  • Monitor quality of work of housekeeping, maintenance and food service departments and implement quality improvement plans.
  • Supervise Room setups, office moves, refurbishing of work and program space


  • In consultation with the Program Coordinator, the Support Services Manager supervises the Dietary staff to insure that client dietary needs are being met in a safe and satisfactory way.
  • Ensure all Dietary staff have up-to-date Food Safety and First Aid training
  • Hold regular meetings with the Food Service staff to address food quality, budget and client satisfaction issues.
  • Insure that any clients assigned to assist in the kitchen receive proper training and supervision, safety orientation and protective gear.
  • Give input to new policies and procedures pertaining to food services and ensures that any concerns or complaints are expeditiously addressed.
  • Menus – development, screening, and reviewing on a quarterly basis.
  • Oversight of purchasing of equipment and supplies for food services


  • The Support Services Manager supervises the day to day operation of IT, telephone and security systems.
  • Acts as Administrator for the onsite IT, phone and security systems
  • Supervision includes the monitoring of information technology delivery including but not be limited to computers, network, communication systems, security systems, printing.
  • Provides general setup of email, voicemail and passcodes for staff, troubleshooting of IT, security and communication technology issues
  • Acts as the first contact for requests for security camera review and/or recording for internal or external authorities.
  • Has input to new policies and procedures pertaining to information technology and security and ensures that any concerns or complaints are expeditiously addressed.
  • Has responsibility for sourcing providers for equipment and services in consultation with the Support Services Director in keeping with Salvation Army and funder requirements.


  • Be punctual and work all hours scheduled, advising immediate supervisor when this is not possible
  • Some evening, weekend, or on-call duties can be anticipated.
  • Be in agreement with and willing to support our Mission Statement and treatment philosophy
  • All information learned in the course of employment to be kept strictly confidential
  • Maintain a drug and alcohol free lifestyle while on Salvation Army property and on duty
  • Model appropriate dress that reflects a professional environment
  • Participate in all staff meetings by attendance and participation
  • Participate in regular direct supervision with immediate supervisor and implement improvement in performance as directed
  • Participate in yearly formal evaluation
  • Represent The Salvation Army Kingston Harbour Light in a professional manner at all times



Minimum Education Level Attained:

  • The Manager of Support Services will have completed an Undergraduate University Degree (e.g. B.A., B.Sc., B.Sc.N.) and will have significant training/experience in managing the systems and standards require of this position.
  • Excellence in managing all systems noted above.
  • Dedicated to customer service
  • Maintain excellent working relationships with staff and residents, with a strong understanding of professional boundaries, and our responsibilities toward vulnerable persons
  • Maintain documentation to comply with health, safety and accreditation standards
  • Ability to train staff and clients in high quality, safe work practices
  • Training and experience in Health and Fire Safety standards and practices.

Note: An alternative level of education and experience may be acceptable

Minimum Prior Related Experience:

  • Five years of prior related experience, including supervisory experience in a not-for-profit Christian social services environment.

Physical Effort/Dexterity Required

  • The performance of the job requires keyboarding and occasionally operating industrial testing equipment and tools, painting/plastering, bending/twisting/lifting, ladder work and fine motor skills (when working with small pieces of equipment in confined areas).

Concentration Required

  • The performance of the job requires frequent use of fine motor skills, overseeing work, planning work for direct reports, analyzing, evaluating and documenting, troubleshooting and responding effectively to urgent situations.

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